Tiny Tiger

Our Tiny Tigers program is designed for ages 4 to 6 years old for optimal early-childhood development.

Students develop martial arts basics while learning the socio-emotional skills outlined as success-related (Successby6bc.ca).

You will be amazed by what your child can do.


Self control is linked to success as an adult (Baumeister, Boone and Tagney, 2004). Our program also focusses on:

  • Motor control
  • Problem solving
  • Co operative interaction

The most important benefit to our Tiny Tigers program is how much fun the classes are!

Students learn in a fun, co- operative environment that makes the transition to formalized schooling natural and exciting for everyone.

  Tiny Tigers Class Schedule  
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    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday  
  3:15pm - 4pm 4-6yrs 4-6yrs 4-6yrs 4-6yrs 4-6yrs