About Surrey Red Tiger Martial Arts



Martial Arts is the most functional form of fitness available!
“Functional Fitness” means “exercise with daily purpose”… and what better purpose than changing your body while learning how to defend yourself, while also developing the mindset, lifestyle, and character traits that ensure successful self-development?

No matter what walk of life you come from there is a style of Martial Arts that will help you become the person that you want to be with the body you have always wanted to have.

Red Tiger’s mission is to produce the high-quality martial artists in a fun and safe environment.

Located in Surrey BC, we provide Martial Arts instruction to students all over the Vancouver lower mainland area including New Westminster, Surrey (Guildford, Fleetwood), Delta, Ladner, and Langley.

Mr. Clayton Rutherford

Mr. Rutehrford Mr. Rutherford is a passionate martial artist with over 8 years of experience in various disciplines. He joined Red Tiger Martial Arts in the summer of 2005 and wants nothing more than to learn all he can and share it with others. In 2007 he left his career as a civil technologist in order to teach full time, a career move that now has him doing what he loves.

Growing up in Prince George, B.C., he enjoyed many hobbies including five years of full contact football and two years studying kung fu. Mr. Rutherford is happy to be a part of Red Tiger and is looking forward to long and happy future teaching martial arts.

Miss. Sheila Wynne Fung

Miss. FungMiss Fung is a graduate of McMaster University with a passion for learning, change, and people. A black belt in Go Ju Ryu karate, she has over 16 years of experience in various martial arts. Sheila is also a professional personal trainer specializing in body transformation and post-rehab conditioning who is dedicated to learning as much as she can in all circumstances. She is currently completing a Masters in Education at the University of British Columbia.

Previously, Sheila worked as a writer for Ontario Nature and in crisis intervention with at-risk youth in Ontario. New to British Columbia, she is thrilled to be doing more of what she loves with the team at Red Tiger and is looking forward to learning and growing with the school.

Our Founder

Jason Hanger founded Red Tiger Martial arts in 1993. A 4th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, click here for his resume of competitive achievement. As Red Tiger’s influence spread across the lower mainland Mr. Hanger opened the Surrey location in 2009. Having trained and mentored two of his own students to the level of ability, confidence and independence needed for leadership he watched his legacy gain momentum as Clayton Rutherford and Sheila Fung took up the reigns of the Surrey location in 2010. Click here for more information on the other Red Tiger locations.